About Us

What We Do
Ikuima-Music by Us is music aggregation service providing a fair distribution platform for independent artists.  Ikuima distributes artists’ music and focus on getting their music to fans with an international presence on hundreds of music platforms worldwide.

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We provide artists with quarterly sales reports and other analytics to monitor sales and streams. Our service also provides for the option for artists to monetize their content on YouTube and collect streaming royalties; we also provide physical CD distribution as an option for artists.

Who We Are?

Ikuima-Music by Us is an all in one solution for independent artists and labels.  The word Ikuima, is a word from the Edo speaking people of Nigeria that translates into “our music”.  Our goal is to provide a one stop solution for music distribution for artists and labels and a platform for fans to discover new and emerging artists worldwide.

We provide non-exclusive distribution services and some of our label/artist services includes:
• Delivery to a large network of digital stores & streaming partners in the industry
• Collect music rights & publishing royalties for your music
• Sync licensing-get your music in TV, film, commercials, video games & more
• opt into YouTube monetization!
• Protect your music from file sharing sites with our piracy protection services
• CD & vinyl distribution to the largest network across the globe
• No annual or maintenance fees
• Free ISRC & UPC
• Ringtone, sample pack & stem distribution
• Free iTunes pre-order setup