Our Story

As most recording artist will attest, most if not all music platforms are not artist focused and as a result creative individuals are unable to really make a living from their works (except for major artists). With this frustrating trend, artists are now being more creative in the marketing of their music, with some even opting out of releasing on these platforms and looking to other ways to maximize their earnings. 

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Enter Ikuima-Music by Us; while we are not trying to reinvent the wheel, we feel artists can be treated fairly and we can all eat together.  Ikuima sprang off Wyze Sonz Entertainment; it was Wyze Sonz Entertainment’s in-house distribution arm and was recently split into its own entity.

The split was necessary due to the need by indie and upcoming artists for a cost effective and fair distribution platform and the need to differentiate artists under the Wyze Sonz Entertainment label imprint. 

Ikuima is an artist first platform as we believe that any artist should get the lion share of any monetization accruing from their creative works.  As a result, we have created this platform to use technology to help maximize artists’ earnings. 

We are just getting started and our adoption of new technologies in our service offerings will be beneficial for artists without that major label backing and money; stay tuned!!!

Our M.O.

  1. Ikuima-Music by Us provides a music aggregation service to artists for a fee.
  2. Ikuima will distribute artists music to all global music/streaming platforms like iTunes, Spotify, YouTube Music, Pandora, and hundreds of similar services.
  3. Ikuima periodically adds new music platforms as they become available.
  4. Artists collects 100% of all revenue accruing from all global music/streaming platforms; we take nothing from the artists.
  5. Revenue share from music downloaded from Ikuima Music store is split 80%-20%, with the artist collecting 80% and Ikuima keeping 20% for our costs and overhead.
  6. We also provide other value-added services for a fee to enhance your release.
  7. We just keep it simple & straightforward.